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Volume 2 Issue 5 Paper 1

A comparative study of the cultural, demographic, economic and educational factors affecting student-teacher ratios in the primary schools of Saudi Arabia with those in other countries

Nawal Almuashi
Bangor University, United Kingdom


Data from UNESCO on student-teacher ratio were analysed for 80 countries based on the availability of valid data the entire period of 2007-2015. Comparisons of Saudi Arabia with other countries was done using t-test for statistical significance. All differences, except four, were found to be statistically significant. Separate comparisons of Saudi Arabia and mean ratios for different income group countries and with individual high income group countries were also done. The observed differences were explained and interpreted in terms of factors likely to affect these ratios evidenced by published works. The possibility of a ratio which optimises both resource efficiency and effectiveness was identified and this could be a future research area.

Keywords: Student-Teacher Ratio, Factors, Primary School, Saudi Arabia, Middle East

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