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Review and Publication Process

The Journal of Contemporary Scientific Research uses a double-blind peer review process. Submissions are sent to two reviewers whose recommendations will be used to decide if a paper is accepted as is, requires changes before being accepted, needs to be re-submitted due to requiring extensive changes, or if it is rejected by the journal. The review process normally takes a upto two weeks. In case suggestions for changes are made by a reviewer, the same reviewer will be used to review the revised document to ensure quality. In case a submission is acceptable to reviewers, the journal will contact the author for the next steps. Once a submission is accepted, the author is required to pay an author’s fee. Once the payment is received, the author will be provided with an acceptance letter by the Journal. All authors of an accepted submission will be contacted once the publication date is determined. As this is an electronic journal, no hard copies will be provided or available.



Authors retain the copyrights for all articles published in the Journal of Contemporary Scientific Research. The Journal, however, is granted first rights to publish the material. Please note that any subsequent uses of works published in JCSR are outside of the purview of the Journal and the Journal or its publishing entity are not responsible or liable for the damages arising out of the direct or indirect use of the work. Should the author wish to pursue and legal action regarding any subsequent uses of their work, it is their sole responsibility and the Journal shall not be responsible for the same.


Publication Fee

Once a submission has been accepted after the review process, the author/s will be required to pay a fee to defray the cost of publishing. The fee for single author papers is USD 200, and the fee for multiple author papers is USD 125 per author. This fee is compulsory for publication, but we do consider requests for waiving the fee in exceptional circumstances. Method(s) of payment will be communicated to the authors once their submission has been accepted.


Final Criteria before Submission

Your submitted manuscript should (a) Not have been published elsewhere previously and should not be under consideration at any other journal for publication. This means that your submission is an original work that will be published in the Journal of Contemporary Scientific Research as such. (b) Should be in a Microsoft Word format. (c) Should adhere to the author’s guidelines as mentioned on this website. (d) Should not contain the name or affiliation of any of the authors in the main text of the submitted manuscript. (e) Should contain an indication that all authors have read the terms and conditions of the Journal of Contemporary Scientific Research in full, as provided on this website.

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