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Volume 1 Issue 1 Paper 2

The determinants of halal meat consumption in the various countries around the world

Syed Faheem Hasan Bukhari
University of Southern Queensland, Australia


The aim of this paper to review the literature associated with the determinants of halal meat consumption in various countries around the world and to compare the findings from different countries. The literature relating to the key words and phrases ‘determinants of halal consumption’, ‘factors affecting halal consumption’, ‘marketing halal’, and ‘ intention to use halal’ were searched. 11 papers were considered directly relevant to the aims of this research and reviewed. These papers were related to France, Belgium, UAE, Malaysia, Pakistan and China. The review has not identified any major differences between the Muslim and non-Muslim countries in terms of the determinants of halal meat consumption. Some of the common determinants of halal meat consumption in both sets of countries include religiosity, subjective norm, positive personal attitude towards consumption of halal, perceived control towards consumption of halal, health benefits, respect for animal welfare, enjoyment, care for family, and trust in the source of the halal food and ingredients. It is expected that the findings from this research will be useful to the various stakeholders of halal, and help them optimize their processes, operations and marketing.

Keywords: Halal, Determinants, Predictors, Global Comparison

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