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Volume 1 Issue 4 Paper 1

A Critical Review of Fractal Time Concept of Greg Braden

Gabriel Makuei,
RMIT University, Australia


Gregg Braden observed certain cyclic temporal patterns in some past events and some natural phenomena. He theorized a fractal time concept based on these observations and developed equations and software to calculate years in which cyclic patterns of specific types of events can occur in future. Has he given tabulated data on predicted and actual times of occurrence of some events? If the answer is yes, his theory works well and the method can be applied for some future events also. Will such predictions come true? So far, it is science. Predictability of short-term cycles could be valid as the conditions defining the variables and their predictability do not change appreciably. However, that may not be the case for its long term applicability. Defining conditions of variables and their predictability can vary significantly over time. Braden seems to consider only the time-event relationship and does not appear to consider the conditions determining the mathematical relationship between time and event. This serious limitation can limit its validity and therefore applicability to all conditions including cyclic events which occur over long periods of time. It appears that the fractal time theory of Gregg Braden has not been subjected to any scientific verification test so far.

Keywords: Fractal Time, Future Prediction, Cyclicity, Age Cycles

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