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Volume 1 Issue 4 Paper 2

A Review of Halal Practices in Australia

Meshari N Bin Qumaysh,
RMIT University, Australia


The use of Halal is on the rise across the world and in Australia. Halal practices in Australia is an area which requires greater academic investigation as the demand for Halal rises throughout the world including Australia. The Halal practices in Australia have not been very well researched in academia. Research publications were searched in Google Scholar search engine using appropriate search terms. Since there is not much literature available about Halal practices in Australia, non-academic general publications were searched as well. General publications (e.g., news articles) were simply searched in the Google search engine. The search terms used were ‘Halal Practices’ and ‘Australia’. Australia is one of the major exporters of Halal meat in the world and hence, the issues faced by it over Halal certification need to be understood. One of the primary issues with Halal certification in Australia is the lack of regulation in Halal certification. Another issue is the multiplicity of certification bodies that have come up creating confusion amongst the certification seekers. A need for greater traceability and accountability in Halal related matters has been identified.

Keywords: Halal Practices, Australia, Meat, Regulation, Accountability

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