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Volume 1 Issue 6 Paper 1

Successful Strategies for Working with Involuntary Clients: A Systematic Review

Rashed Alketbi
University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia


Dealing with involuntary clients is a challenging aspect of the work of social workers. A systematic review was conducted of available literature on the successful strategies for working with involuntary clients. A search methodology was devised, designed to be conducted to specially constructed search terms on the Google Scholar search enginein order to gain the maximum possible number of results. The resultant hits were then narrowed down using criteria, including the thematic focus of this systematic review. It was found that while overall there was a reasonable number of works conducted on the topic, there was still a lot more work that could be done on this topic, including comparing and contrasting existing results, as well as focusing more on different geographies, socio-economic, political and societal contexts.

Keywords: Involuntary Clients, Strategy, Social Worker, Social Work

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