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Volume 2 Issue 1 Paper 1

A Qualitative Discussion of Malaysian Halal Standards

Meshari N Bin Qumaysh,
RMIT University, Australia


Malaysian Halal practices and standards are considered one of the strictest in the world. The Halal practices and standards in Malaysia were examined by a search of relevant academic literature. Research publications were searched in Google Scholar search engine using appropriate search terms and phrases. Some of the relevant papers were reviewed in the form of a qualitative discussion rather than a quantitative meta-analysis based on international reviewing standards. Halal certification and compliance is an important part of the Malaysian food industry. The Malaysian Halal standards and practices are considered one of the best in the world. However, there are some important issues with Halal standards and practices in Malaysia. Some of these include ineffectiveness in the Halal certification process, lack of consistent standards for labelling of Halal items, variations in compliance levels, lack of traceability in the Halal supply chain, and Halal related disclosures. Addressing these issues will make the Malaysian Halal food standards and practices truly of international repute. This should also translate to greater Halal related revenue for Malaysia in various forms.

Keywords: Malaysia, Halal Standards, Practices, Compliance

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