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Volume 2 Issue 8 Paper 1

A Review of Cybersecurity in the Saudi Arabian Context

Sultan Rashed Aldosari
University of Bedfordshire, UK


A systematic review of available literature was conducted on the topic of ‘Cybersecurity in the Saudi Arabian Context’. A search protocol was devised and relevant search terms were input in to the Google Scholar open source search engine. Around 210 scholarly and research works were considered before five were chosen for further analysis. These works were chosen keeping the topic of enquiry in mind and with an aim towards choosing only recent works. The five shortlisted works were studied and analysed further in order to glean some important observations on the state of enquiry into the aforementioned topic of cybersecurity in the Saudi Arabian context. It was concluded that research existed on cyber threats at three levels; one, at the level of crimes against the general public, two, threats to companies and three, threats to the national infrastructure. It was also evident from conducting the systematic review that there was not adequate research on the topic and many avenues for further scientific enquiry exist.

Keywords: Cybersecurity, Saudi Arabia, Cyber Attacks, Challenges, Review

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