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Volume 3 Issue 12 Paper 1

The Efficiency of Accounting Information System on Small Private Medical Clinics in Tabuk District

Abdulaziz Ali Murayr and Khalid Alharbi


Swift globalization of the financial market has led to requests for more internationally comparable financial reports. The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) also provides international accounting standards to be used by private sector companies globally. Consequently, it becomes increasingly attractive to compare reports and to encourage compliance by auditors and regulatory agencies. From February to April 2016, a comprehensive cross-sectional was performed at small medical private companies in Tabuk District to examine the availability of effective accounting management practices in compliance with national and international standards. All small private clinics were (15), and 11 of them were a 73 percent response to the study, and a total of 102 Accountant professionals and managers were selected, and any authorized staff from selected clinics filled out an adequately designed questionnaire. The findings showed that only 33 per cent of accountants were specialized in the field of accounts, while others were not, the majority of institutions had automated account programs, 93 per cent but about 67 per cent of accountants had no skills related to the use of automated account programs and software. There was no periodic external audit of money compared to financial documents. Besides, Null hypothesis, which stated that private medical clinics in Tabuk did not apply effective management accounting practices by national and international standards, and only 50 per cent of clinics, applied some of the required indicators to some extent. The study recommended providing clinics with well-qualified staff with professional skills in account software programmes, providing a good documentation system to advance the efficiency of accounting information systems in selected clinics, encouraging Independent Internal and External Periodic Auditing Systems, and conducting regular follow-up and visits from the Ministry of Health and Ministry.

Keywords: Accounting information system, financial performance, Small private medical clinics

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