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Volume 3 Issue 4 Paper 2

Role of smart vehicles concept in reducing traffic congestion on the road

Aminah Hardwan Ahmed,
SATM School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing
Cranfield University, United Kingdom


The aim of this simple qualitative review was to provide an overview of how smart vehicles concept facilitates reducing traffic congestion on the road. Google Scholar was searched for literature sources using the topic itself as the search term. The search yielded 40 usable papers for this review. Many elements of smart city are inter-mixed with the smart vehicles concept. On the other hand in the smart vehicle concept, enabling technologies like VANET, IoV, SDN, use of mobiles and even use of electric poles on the road as IoT gateway were tested in the different frameworks proposed by different researchers. Many other traffic management systems have also been tested especially in Japan and India. In general, two scenarios have been considered-one of current types of roads and the other automated highways. Understandably, the requirements and approaches are different for the two scenarios. Some limitations of this review have also been listed at the end. Maximum of works dealt with VANET technology.

Keywords: Smart vehicle, traffic congestion, IoT, traffic management

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