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Volume 4 Issue 1 Paper 1

Machine Learning and Biomedicine

Abdulmajeed Mohammed M Alanazi
Faten Olayan D Alanazi


This paper aims to review some of the research studies which have been carried out in the field of biomedicine and machine learning. For this paper, specific search terms were used in Google Scholar search engine and the results were shortlisted according to the year of publication. From the review of the studies available on the subject, it was clear the health industry is getting restructured due to concurrent development of the fields of electronics, communication and computers, and as a result, biomedicine is also in the midst of a data revolution. Authors have talked about the knowledge explosion in biomedicine. Techniques such as predictive and inferential analysis require data such as medical records, imaging data, sequencing data, genotypes and sensor data etc. Machine learning is being extensively used in the health industry and in the field of biomedicine.

Keywords: Machine Learning, Biomedicine, Healthcare, Review

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