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Volume 4 Issue 11 Paper 1

A review of the current research in nano dynamics research

Amani Alruwaili
RMIT University, Australia


This paper aims to review the available literature on the recent trends in nano physics and the dynamics of nano physics. In order to do this, open-source articles from Google Scholar were used. An attempt was made to select studies spanning the past few decades so as to analyse the trends in nano physics and nanotechnology over the years, especially since advances in this field have improved exponentially in recent years. Using a set of criteria, approximately 500 scholarly works were initially analysed and then reduced to a smaller number. The selected papers were then explored in detail. It was found that the field of nano physics has had a bearing on other fields across the sciences. It has paved the way for nanotechnology, which in turn has led to the development of nanoscience – a discipline that lies at the intersection of various fields using nanotechnology. Although this means that nanotechnology has allowed for pioneering research in fields as diverse as ICT and renewable energy, there are environmental and social impacts that must be considered. The proliferation of nano physics and nanotechnology into every aspect of life dictates that research regarding these fields must be made more widely available so as to allow for better awareness.

Keywords: Nano physics, nanotechnology, nano physics dynamics, nano science

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