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Volume 4 Issue 3 Paper 1

A Review of Women and Higher Education in Saudi Arabia

Abdullah Saad Alshalawi
Flinders University, Australia


The aim of this study was to review women and higher education opportunities in Saudi Arabia. Various databases were searched for keywords ‘Saudi Arabia & higher education & women’, ‘Saudi Arabia & women & education’, and ‘Saudi women & graduates’. The results were shortlisted as per the year of publication and a few of the studies were selected for a review. The review found that higher education for women in Saudi Arabia has been subject to multilevel and multifaceted challenges. The review of research studies identified that in Saudi Arabia, the opportunities for higher education for women have increased due to changes in government policy. The study also identified that despite these improvements, the level of education required to provide equality of access across the country, has not been met. The findings of the review revealed that it is important to develop both female leadership capacity as well as effectiveness in Saudi Arabia’s higher education.

Keywords: Women, Female, Saudi Arabia, Education

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