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Volume 5 Issue 1 Paper 1

Cyber security threats during the pandemic

Hassan Aljohani
Email: hes20201@gmail.com


The aim of this paper was a systematic review of cyber security issues, types, causes, consequences and management and preventive steps. A total of 17 papers were shortlisted for a reviewed by focussing on the types of cyber threats, causes, mitigation and prevention. The findings were as follows: Generally, all internet activities are liable to cyberattacks of various types. The pandemic has exacerbated the threat in multiple manners. Government sites, healthcare sites, online learning platforms, work from home platforms and all other internet applications have been succumbing to cyberattacks of different types. These attacks have different targets, causes and consequences. Most of them occur due to some slippage or error in vigilant use of internet. Even the best protected sites are vulnerable to cyberattacks as hackers find new ways to penetrate the defence systems. The consequences of these attacks on Covid-19 related aspects have serious consequences on healthcare, trust and compliance of people with government measures to prevent its spread. Even people in authority have contributed to lack of trust on healthcare workers though their outbursts in social media. The only way to protect from cyberattacks is careful handling of internet access for any purpose. The findings from this work can be used as learnings for improving the quality of internet browsing.

Keywords: Cyber security threats, internet use, pandemic, review

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