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Volume 6 Issue 1 Paper 2

Job losses and opportunities for entrepreneurship during Covid-19 pandemic

Nadia Khalil Alforaih
Email: nadiaalforaih033@gmail.com


The objective of this paper is to review the available literature on entrepreneurship in different countries and its potential to reduce the strain on unemployment and job losses while also contributing to the national economy. Google Scholar was used as the primary search source for the literature. Recent studies that highlight the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on employment were selected. Using specific search criteria, approximately 400 papers were screened and then shortlisted papers were explored in detail. The research found that considerations of gender, race and ethnic groups were important factors related to job losses. Additionally, the most significant impact of the pandemic was felt on the transport and tourism as well as allied sectors due to travel restrictions which had a ripple effect on supply chains at all levels and correspondingly on jobs across these supply chains. However, it was found that these challenges resulted in context-specific solutions and approaches to meet these challenges. Hence, Covid-19 and its impact have acted as an internal and external enablement of entrepreneurship.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, job losses, unemployment, job creation

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