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Volume 6 Issue 1 Paper 3

A review of the utilization of learning management systems in the Saudi Arabian education system

Nada Abdulraheem M. Mlibari
Email: namlibari@gmail.com


This review was aimed at discussing the extent and methods of utilisation of learning management systems in the Saudi Arabian educational system. A total of 27 papers published since 2018 were used for this review. Apart from the standard Blackboard, other LMSs have also been in use in most Saudi universities. New Saudi-specific LMSs like Jusur, Future Gate, Tadarus, and Madrasati compare well with Blackboard, even if there are some limitations. Implementation of LMS is affected by some internal and external factors of the academic institution. The Covid-19 pandemic forced switch-over to online mode of all educational institutions, and this was facilitated by LMS. Training of faculty and students is important in the successful use of LMS. The perceptions and attitudes of students and teachers on the use of LMS for learning and teaching had been positive and many of them had suggestions for improvement. As the pandemic continues with new waves, a new normal will set in as a permanent feature in the education system. New LMSs may need to be developed using some of the emerging technologies for the full benefits of using them for significant positive outcomes of teaching and learning.

Keywords: Learning management system. Saudi Arabia, Education system, Education

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