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Volume 6 Issue 3 Paper 1

Smart Cities: Implications for traffic control, disaster resilience, data and privacy

Hussain Alnifayei
Email: hussain.cbr@outlook.com


This paper aimed to review the available literature on smart cities. Relevant literature relating to urban planning and development to assess the evolution of the concept of smart cities. The example of Barcelona is also taken up and discussed to illustrate the process of planning, collaboration and execution for a model and innovative smart city. Using a set of literature search criteria, many scholarly works were screened and then a smaller number were explored in detail. It was found that with growing urbanisation, limited resources and climate change, there is a need to manage and allocate resources efficiently. This must be done in tandem with improving the lives of city dwellers. Therein lies the value and need for collaboration with multiple stakeholders in an urban space. Despite the importance of developing smart cities for sustainable development, the reliance on technology has made some scholars sceptical. This is due to data and privacy concerns and has led scholars to demand greater transparency and citizen participation at all levels of the smart city planning process.

Keywords: Smart cities, urbanisation, ICT, sustainable development, urban planning, urban science

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